L’Ànima de l’Avi Arrufí 2022

Born from the refined wine of L’Avi Arrufí, this ultimate expression of old vines, 100% White Grenache, comes to life, aged for 7 months in an ovoid tank. Elegance, creaminess, and freshness in their purest form. A burst of ripe white fruit, peach, apricot, and notes of spices with a perfect balance of flavors. Highly mineral, with a broad and long aftertaste. Very gastronomic: ideal with risottos, paella, smoked dishes, large fish like salmon, and white meats.


Tasting notes

D.O. Terra Alta
Variety 100% white grenache from old vineyards
Wine type Vino de finca White
Aging 7 months in oviform tank
Vineyard age 65 years
Type of soil Clay-chalky. Poor in organic matter
Alcohol content 14,5%
Serving temperature 8-10º
Shelf life 8 years

  • fruity 90% 90%
  • fresh 90% 90%
  • mineral 90% 90%
  • aftertaste 90% 90%


  • Rissotos
  • Paellas
  • Smoked
  • Fatty fishes
  • White meats
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