Nª Sra del Portal Red

D.O. Terra Alta
VarietyGrenache (70%), Cariñena (15%), Syrah (15%)
Wine type Dry red wine
Aging No
Vineyard age 30-45 years
Type of soil Clay-chalky soil. Poor in organic matter
Alcohol content 14%
Serving temperature 14-16º
Shelf life 8-10 years

The sister, devotion

For us, the sister, the close one, the one inspired by Batea, our town. The step towards good feelings embodied in each of the wines in this range.

Tasting notes

A rich, well crafted wine with delicious ripe berry fruits and aromas of ripe peach, plum and apricot. A harmonious and exciting wine with refreshing acidity, a full red colour and smoky mineral and balsamic elements. Good, long and rich with the added dimension of ripe fruit. Ideal as a partner to goat cheese, meat dishes, spicy stews. Very elegant and long.

  • licorice 80% 80%
  • fruit 60% 60%
  • oak 60% 60%


  • Cold meats
  • Semi-cured cheeses
  • Braised red meat