We are the first winery in Terra Alta to offer wine tourism with Origin Denomination. Celler Piñol operates four fully-equipped apartments, one that includes a large Jacuzzi in which you can enjoy vinotherapy, all of them perfect for soaking up the wine culture and an unforgettable experience.

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Terra Alta, the most southern region of Catalonia is characterised by a sprinkling of small towns and pockets of great beauty, retaining a charmingly medieval appearance. The countryside also has a timeless constancy, with dramatic mountains providing a sharp contrast to the plains, where crops of ancient Mediterranean stock (vines, almonds, olives) dot the landscape, as they have done from generations.

This environment, where a harsh land hones the age - old traditions of a persevering people, gives birth to the lush and bold wines created by Celler Piñol. Wines nurtured from birth to maturity and presented to you with a sense of pride for work well done.